About Us

About cargiant:

Cargiant is New Delhi's fastest growing pre-owned luxury car venture that helps the users to purchase their dream vehicle.

Cargiant is located at Delhi's Janakpuri with ample facilities to satisfy the needs of car lovers all over the country. The brand is owned by Amit Sharma that works on the motto to deliver best cars at best prices. We work for advancement through advancement in technology and setting new benchmarks for success.  We work to excel in the luxury retail scene.




Facilities offered:

  • Best on-site inventory of top-end luxury vehicles looking for new fans.
  • Get hand selected versions of names like BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes, etc.
  • Dream luxury car at agreeable prices. This keeps the dream of riding a top end auto vehicle super easy.
  • By allowing financial support, we allow you to purchase the dream luxury car without burning a hole in the pocket. Our relationship with the top lending institutions helps you avail the benefits of a high-end car.
  • By simply dropping us a visit, you can avail the benefits of expert car guidance. With a huge Facebook fan base, we are the catatonically progressive marketplace for that first step towards luxury and self-pampering.
  • The highly energetic and customer-centric staff, work on satisfying the search for the best car according to your needs and desires.
  • We try to make your buying and selling experience a highly personalized and pleasurable event. Our focus on building a personal relationship with you to meet the dynamic needs of the market.
  • Our website offers various help guidelines for purchasing the first pre-owned luxury vehicles that are best for them. Our rich automotive experience is highlighted by our long list of satisfied customers.
  • Our Facebook page has the list of all available luxury cars. The page can also be used by the interested sellers who wish to find a new home for their baby. Overall, the entire sale experience is taken care of by our team.
  • We are focussed on attention through detail to deliver innovative solutions.
  • Cargiant has three car displays that add to the panache. These are complementary to the swanky cars we host in our quarters.
  • The brand caters to every need of the guest with add-on facilities like Insurance, trade in on behalf of sellers and financial aid.
  • Our pre-owned luxury cars offer ultimate and exclusive driving experience. Our finest picks in the segment bring something for every auto lover. Be prepared to pamper yourself for adrenaline rush after viewing our work.
  • Cargiant is the dream solution of car buying that aims to keep the car buying a simplified experience due to the long list of automatic aficionados. This makes comparison an easy experience for the buyer.

What makes us stand out?

Our experienced staff stands by your side to give strong buying guidelines. The market segmentation approach to cater to the highly aspirational customer base makes us strive for major improvements in the service quality

Each car that rolls out of our house undergoes the stringent quality check for highest standards. We ensure that the car is safe and efficient in terms of the price you pay. We surely make your dream car a true reality.

These pre-owned luxury cars thrill each of our customer who in turn are mesmerized by their superior performance. So be it a lower end luxury vehicle or a pocket burning sports vehicle, we specialize in all. Our team works tirelessly to test the vehicles before they become yours. Thus, every swanky car that has left its the previous customer receives our stringent review in terms of engine efficiency, the upholstery, safety wiring and on-road output. Once we are assured, we then conduct document check to ensure that all cars are free from legal defects. This step reduces the customer hassle and makes the legal transition an easy process.

Why pre-owned luxury cars?

Indian customers are fast catching up on the global quality standards. Hence, the luxury car market is set out to woo the great Indian middle class to fulfill their dreams.
Owning a pre-owned luxury car through us has numerous advantages. We deliver the excellence at an exceptional price. We understand what it means to be a novice and our Salesforce makes it their personal effort to get you the best-suited luxury car.

We are obsessed with the luxury car market and you can trust us in selling your current luxury sedan/ hatchback to the next best customer. Our enthusiasm is contagious and we find that both our buyers and sellers get the best deal. This helps both the buyer and seller to adjust their budget accordingly to achieve the optimum results. We assure you that in terms of the value, the car giant quality is the best in the used luxury car segment.
We do realize the huge potential that this niche but the unorganized segment has to offer due to lack of credible medium of exchange and sale.

Our first-hand experience makes your trust in the brand a good investment.

About our founder:

Amit Sharma is a man driven by a mission: To help everyone achieve their first pre-owned luxury vehicle. His eye for quality and customer attention make for the exponential success of the car giant. From being just another guy, he today is a walking encyclopedia of the luxury car market. A short word with him will make you realize why car giant is your address for satisfactory investment.

His leadership has made pre-owned luxury car-retail a booming business. His satisfaction on seeing a happy family buying their luxury car is worth the effort is taken by his team.