Top 5 fuel efficient cars in India

Fuel Efficient | Cargiant used cars in Delhi

Owning a car, that too a luxurious one is the desire of many. While some of the car enthusiasts skirt around the idea due to lack of information, perception regarding their fuel efficiency and most importantly by their sheer price. Hence, we list the best ones according to the budget:  

(Note: The list is made in relation to the fuel efficient sedans of the nation and according to the specification released by the manufacturer)

       1. Budget – Rs. 4 to 8 lacs



Best choice: Maruti  Suzuki DZire (LDi)

Cargiant used cars in Delhi


Topping the chart is undoubtedly Maruti – the leader in fuel efficiency. Maruti  Suzuki DZire (LDi)  offers mileage at 28.40 kmpl! Their new look along with aluminium block makes it a lightweight beast on road. The common rail unit and turbocharger deliver the stated figure. Considering the high fuel price, the car offers optimal performance and return.

  1. Budget – Rs. 8 to 12 lacs

Best choice: Maruti Suzuki DZire (ZDi)

Cargiant used cars in Delhi

Topping the chart is undoubtedly Maruti once again – the leader in fuel efficiency with top of line

Maruti  Suzuki DZire (Zdi) offering mileage at 28.40 kmpl. The premium version of the Maruti  Suzuki DZire carries LED DRL, reverse parking sensors (with camera), dual airbags, touchscreen informative system that doubles as entertainment experience.

  1. Budget – Rs.12 to 25 lacs

Best choice: Honda City Diesel VX MT.

Cargiant used cars in Delhi
Boasting an efficiency of 25.6 kmpl, the diesel version of Honda City VX is a trim version of the  variant in this price range than the original one. Considering the price bracket, you pay for LED headlights, electric sunroof!, Alloy wheels (diamond cut) and keyless remote. Sure bang for your buck!


  1. Budget – Rs. 25 to 50 lacs

Best choice: Toyota Prius 1.8 Z8.

Cargiant used cars in Delhi

Welcome Toyota Prius 1.8 Z8 with 26.27 kmpl mileage. Globally Toyota Prius is a green luxury sedan and a powertrain of 98 PS/142 Nm engine. Throttle throughout decides the AC efficiency and productivity is available in three modes from normal to eco. The luxury sedan is lighter and efficient due to Toyota’s New Global Architecture plan (TNGA).


  1. Budget – Rs. 50 to 60 lacs

Best choice: Jaguar XF prestige diesel variant.  

Cargiant used cars in Delhi

Well if you want a moolah to deliver bang at this price range,Jaguar XF prestige diesel variant at above 19 kmpl average beats the blues. Trust Jaguar to be premium yet compact. In addition, you get LED DRL headlights, mood lighting (indoor), park assist as well as rear view camera.  



At Cargiant, we understand that owning a dream vehicle can be a tedious process along with huge cost. To help you get away with the best deal, we offer the best fuel efficient cars in India and that too luxury ones to suit your budget.

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Happy riding!

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