What it’s like to be a car which is half-SUV and half-sedan

Maybach had been absent for 50 years before it made a comeback in 2015 as Mercedes Maybach. The brand still delivers Mercedes with the S-class models with no more wheelbases and more luxury features. Not just this, it offers other models to the Mercedes too. Maybach has also released its concept card where there 2 door cars are creating the sensation among the auto-industry.

One of these cars is called the Vision Ultimate Maybach. This version of the Maybach is said to be similar to the version Mercedes-Benz GLS class. This concept is not an SUV or sedan but rather a hybrid of both the classes. It is a half sedan and half SUV as it has the features of both of the classes. The concept has a look of the sedan from the back and has some features of an SUV from the inside of the car. The ground clearance of the concept car is comparatively more than the sedan and alike the SUV. This mixing of the features of the concept and SUV makes it a perfect blend of an off-road luxury experience.

The concept combines the looks of the luxury with SUV

Credits: Mercedez-Benz-USA

The concept of the Maybach Ultimate luxury is a successor of the vision 6 concepts that came into the light in 2017. It has some features like the big grille and the headlamps which are three pieces like before. The concept car is more like a weird body styling. The concept has the front look like of a sedan with the ride height being adjusted as of the SUV. This makes the concept combines the best of both the SUV and sedan looks, the design is quite popular and successful in the Chinese markets. But then, the design is not quite fortunate.

The vehicle has an athletic look which lacks the perfect sharp edges and has curves that look elegant. This is something that you can expect from a Maybach. The ride looks great from the front but then this looks when combined with the ride height and the short deck lid doesn’t give it a perfect match. The car also lacks the longer rear section and a shorter wheelbase that could have given it an elegant look but then it’s too not the case.


The vehicle’s front bumper adds up the real sportiness to the car

The vehicle has a nice detailing work on it. It has a wide grille which is chrome plated, which has been derived from the Vision 6 concept. Also, the ride has the daytime running LED lights with a hockey stick curve. The headlamps of the car have three different grouping of the lights, which gives it a really sporty and classy look. The car has the slim intakes which are placed at the lower side. Moreover, the sporty look is given by the big side vents and the intakes.

Talking about the side of the car, the car has a real SUV looks. The car from the side has 24-inches wheels which are big enough to add up the ride height. The wheels have a turbine style which has a muscular look. With the short deck lid and the C-pillar present upright doesn’t make up a good combination.


The rear end of the ride

The rear end of the car is alike the GLE-Class Coupe, the credit for this goes to the deck lid of the car. The back of the car has a really sporty look which adds up a class to its design. There are chrome strips located at the above of the backlights. The trunk lid and the bumper are sculptured with the curves and style. There are also a plenty of the features located at the backside if seen in a design-oriented way. There is a three-sectioned light and the outlets are big.

Wrapping up the design aspect of the car, the front design is alike the vision 6 concept and the split design continues at the roof of the car splitting the roof too. The split even moves at the back of the car splitting the rear glass.

The design of the car is weird if consider the back of the car. But then, the overall design seen as the aspect of a half SUV and a half sedan is considerable.


The higher seats of the interior

The interior of the SUV sedan will make you fall in love with its interiors. The interiors of the ride have everything that a luxury car needs. The design of the interior is quite simple at the front, with a clean dashboard and AC vents with the display screen. The centre console is drowned and that makes it a great look along with the two arms that are extended to the tunnel. The seats are quite higher more like an SUV than a sedan.









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